"Liberation" (2022) by Giovanny Lopez.

Ravi Bajnath

Florida Man.

Learning, Teaching, Wandering in Saṃsāra.

🖖 Consultation



✴️ Developing over the Life Course

Humanity has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of suffering working people have endured is overwhelming.

My time spent during the pandemic has been focused on uncovering the origination of suffering and its effects on myself and others.

There is a way towards ending this suffering through Popular Education and a lifestyle practice I call Self-Ecology.

If you are interested in learning this path, and have time to spare for mentoring through your journey, help me help you by booking an appointment below.

Defining Current Self

Planning Self-Ecology

Discovering Sustainability

Ideating Future Self

Designing Reality

Validating Exertions



🎓 Organizational Learning & Development

With over a decade in Professional Organization and Management development experience, let me help your business grow and team members thrive.

My range of industry experience includes Finance, Technology, User Experience, Product Development, Customer Service, Creative Design, and more.

Product Management

Service Engineering

Operations Development

Identity Generation



🔮 Designing for Sustainability

I made this website and Tesseract Curriculum based on a User Experience Design case study of my experience with the University of Central Florida's online Political Science program.

I was curious to see if I can create a better educational experience for myself and others and continue learning while building new educational technology along the way.

You can get current Insights, Designs, and Resources by viewing the Journals below.

If you would like to consult with me on a work project, click the button below.


Social Legislation

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See through the illusion

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