Tesseract Curriculum

A curriculum based on the geometric metaphor of the Tesseract for Mind, Brain, and Education

Exploring Towards A Sustainable Future

The world is on fire and we can change that.

The Tesseract Curriculum is a Learning Management System for Educational Explorations for lifelong learning and development.

Learn about Sustainability and Critical Knowledge needed to educate future generations.

Develop a Skillset for lifelong learning and use Tesseract Curriculum provided digital tools for reaching personal, work, and community goals.

Circles of Sustainability


🔮 Practical Methods for Collaboration

Learn Sustainability utilizing the Circles of Sustainability method.

Sustainability includes topics organized by Politics, Economics, Culture, and Ecology.

Gain Sustainability Education and Work Samples from Exploration Programs.

Although this organization and website is no longer in service as of 2019, the Tesseract Curriculum utilizes their public research methods to create a curriculum for teaching Sustainability.

Life Course


🧊 Learning over the Life Course

Based on Life Course theory and practices, the Tesseract Curriculum is tailored to the study of everyday life.

Utilizing the Life Course Cube method, the Tesseract is grounded in a shared learning method for understanding the inter-dimensional intersections of experiences that life produces.

Find out more from the academic publication below.


Universal Grammar


Media Ecology





Educational Neuroscience


🧠 The Expanded Tesseract Hypotheses

Learning about the world through the metaphor of the Tesseract.

Based on the Educational Neuroscience concept of Knowledge Acquisition, the "Tesseract Hypotheses", develop a Four-Dimensional view of Politics, Economics, Culture, and Ecology.

Designed for teaching methods at the intersections of Sustainability and Educational Neuroscience.

Find out more from the academic publication below.

Against Ignorance & Oppression

"True generosity consists precisely in fighting to destroy the causes which nourish false charity. False charity constrains the fearful and subdued, the "rejects of life," to extend their trembling hands. True generosity lies in striving so that these hands—whether of individuals or entire peoples—need be extended less and less in supplication, so that more and more they become human hands which work and, working, transform the world."

Paulo Freire
📚 Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1970)
Antidialogics as forms of cultural action used as instruments of oppression.



🦠 Unveiling the Instruments of Oppression

Learn about the theory of Anti-Dialogue and the way it infects social interactions and relationships.

Reflect on Concepts as a practice towards promoting mindfulness.

Oppressive Models of Education


✴️ Identifying Systemic Issues

Expanding on Paulo Freire's "Banking Model of Education", the Finance Model of Education identifies how Agents of Sustainability are invested to suppress Critical Awareness of the origination of adverse dominating ideologies in knowledge communicated by media.

Develop Critical Literacies of abnormal social conditioning and its long term effects on natural environments and social relations.

🦠 Banking

Knowledge is deposited under authority of the teacher to a passive student.

🦠 Finance

Knowledge is invested by Agents of Sustainability to supply and reinforce Oppressive ideology.

Long term effects of Oppressive Education.

Breaking the Cycle


✴️ Exploring a Path Forward

Engage in Popular Education to overcome Anti-Dialogue.

Approach Life with Loving-Kindness, Compassion for the Planet, Mutual Joy with Others, and Equanimity.

Develop an Ecological Awareness of Natural and Social relations to work with community against Oppression and towards a Sustainable Future.

Model representing Judgemental Rationality.

Social Planes of Being


✴️ An Ontology towards fulfilling potential

Gain Judgemental Rationality for everyday Life mechanisms, events, and experiences that preserve or transform reality.

Become Re-enchanted and re-incorporated with Critical Realismo of the problems found in your Life and community.

Generative Themes


✴️ Consciousness Raising for Sustainability

Utilize Generative Themes to investigate into your Thematic Universe.

Organize your Life through an interdisciplinary approach of Learning and Doing.

Improve Self and Community Wellness while cooperatively working towards a Sustainable Future!

Cultural Action


✴️ Working Together Towards Sustainability

Deepen your Mindfulness of intersectional issues.

Organize workshops for education of against Exploitation and Dehumanization.

Raise your Consciousness to cultivate Universal Love, Compassion, and Reconciliation.


Critical Thinking

Literacy gained between Politics and Language


Critical Literacy

Literacy gained between Economics and Commodities


Critical Pedagogy

Literacy gained between Society and Culture


Critical Realismo

Literacy gained between Self-Ecology and Bioecological Circles

Learning Brahmaviharas.

Self-Directed Practice

✴️ Consciousness Raising for Sustainability

Start a Journal to help your daily practice and keep track of your progress and familiarity with Sustainability concepts.

Look to those who walked before Against Ignorance to model best practices in everyday Life.

Lead those who walk Towards Liberation.

See through the illusion

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