Cooperative Work System

A Human-centered, Community-minded, Environmentally-friendly program outline.

🚀 Exploring a Brighter Future


Organizing Against Climate Catastrophe

How we could work cooperatively towards living a happier, more prosperous, equal, and environmentally friendly life is possible.

In the process of learning Sustainability, there are several  public resources that provide observations into the environmental impact of human and natural experiences.

Mitigating climate related disasters starts with understanding natural and social environments and their interactions.

Combining these climate related resources raises awareness of meaningful Explorations in personal, work, and community practice.


Community Exploration Projects

The possibility to create a life that reflects a Sustainable Future engages with Life's possibilities for all of us.

Utilize the LifeCourse Nexus method to plan a trajectory towards Sustainability.

Investigate the Life Options around you to innovate creating new opportunities or adapt traditional options for living the best life possible.


Global Climate Initiatives

Learn about the failures of non-Sustainable ways of living through State-led, Global Climate Initiatives; the Sustainable Development Goals, Green New Deal, and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Figure out how the past failed the present and attempts to remedy environmental destruction with social gatekeeping.

Ground cooperative activity in Green Generative Technology usage and co-development with nature.

🤝 Learning to Work Together


Capacitation Development

Explorations assist with developing Organizational Learning for Small to Large Groups utilizing three major Educational theories:

Jerome Bruner's Spiral Curriculum which effects Lessons.

Lev Vygotsky's Zones of Proximal Development which effects Projects.

Clodomir Santos de Morais' Group Capacitation Methods which effects Modules.

Utilizing these theories, Explorations enable Self-Assessment and Organizational Competency to insure the integrity for each Explorations Work System.

🔦 Cyclical

Explorers should return to the same topic several times throughout their Exploration or Work.

🔦 Increased Depth

When an Exploration returns to the Sustainability topic, it should be learned at a deeper level of competence and explore more complexity.

🔦 Revisiting Knowledge

An Explorer's prior knowledge should be utilized when a Sustainability topic is returned to in order to expand their basis of learning rather than restarting from previous stages.

🔦 Unassisted Practice

Distance that a learner can perform work unassisted.

🔦 Guided Practice

Distance that a learner can perform work some assistance.

🔦 Assisted Practice

Distance that a learner can perform work with a knowledgeable other.

🔦 Syncretis

Syncretis is a stage in capacitation development where people different ideological backgrounds, with particular interests and expectations, struggle towards adhering to an organizational structure.

🔦 Analysis

Analysis includes the objective activities performed in an Exploration that relates to the Objects of transformation or preservation that effect Subjects.

🔦 Synthesis

Synthesis is the stage in an Exploration where the Subjects of research are presented with the ideas and actions needed to confront Objects that mediate reality.


Adaptive Program Process

Learn the Sustainable Program Workflow that organizes best practices within a cooperative work network.

Develop your own Exploration Program with Methodologies that fit home, work, or community needs.

Help educate others by Journaling and sharing Sustainable friendly work Insights, Designs, and Resources.























Methods help organize the variety of work techniques that are taught in working environments through learning management systems.

For each Process, learn the Methods that organize Work commonly done in small to medium enterprises and co-operatives.

Explore the Methods by creating a Student Journal today!


Exploration Work Variables

Working towards Sustainability requires a diverse skillset formed by Practice.

Learning the Variables of Labor helps to produce constant, shared, forms of capital that serve the ends of Explorations.

Laboring within an initial category of responsibilities (Var) preserves Exploration integrity and develops a rich background of Life skills towards a Sustainable Future.

🌐 Developing a Sustainable Community


Cooperative Network

Develop autonomy and volunteer in community-led cooperatives to reshape your community towards Sustainability.

Follow the Rochdale Principles in establishing and maintaining cooperatives:

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership
  2. Democratic Member Control
  3. Member Economic Participation
  4. Autonomy and Independence
  5. Education, Training, and Information
  6. Cooperation among Cooperatives
  7. Concern for Community

Event Planning

Plan to Validate Exploration research and development by running events and meet ups in your community.

Utilize technology to organize Aid and Meetings that address material disparity.

Monitor and Evaluate challenges to coordinating technical, social, and environmental event efforts.


Organizational Workshops

Organize yourself and community to gain knowledge about Sustainability.

Gain skills by learning-by-doing work required from Explorations.

Develop new relationships, cooperatives, and partnerships for a Sustainable Future!


Community Wellness

Learn how common social determinants affect our overall health and happiness.

Explore problems and solutions to relate programs to self and community wellness.

Utilize the categories of Macrodeterminants, Microdeterminants, and Metrics provided by the GoInvo project.


Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid is a factor of living in a Sustainable Future.

We can voluntarily provide Mutual Aid in the forms of food, care, shelter, and resources and work towards meeting communities and its members of minimal needs.

By reciprocating these values in our Community, individuals can Explore Collaborations together for the wellness of all.

View and use the digital technology built for Sustainability!

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