Sustainable Program Process

The Sustainable Program Process adapts popular productivity methods from leading work industries. Combining internal and external stakeholder management, each Process contains Methods that direct Work Variables for Exploration development.

๐Ÿงญ Sustainable Self-Management


Designed for Sustainability

Utilizing the Circles of Sustainability methodology, working together within a preconfigured curriculum of study enables practicing and implementing Insights, Designs, and Resources.

Cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT) version 3, represents Explorations transforming shared objects.

Worker Self-Direction

Reduce the negative aspects of employment that Alienates humanity from work that you perform.

Learning in autonomous organizations requires Self-Direction through Problem-posing Education.

Improve your capacity to Listen to improve your Dialogue skills to Work together towards Sustainability.


Developing Organizational Resources for Sustainability

Free Education and Technology through Learning Management Systems promotes accessibility for cooperative governance.

  • Dialogics for Communicating &ย Connection Skills

  • Capacitation for Cooperative Work Development

  • Consciousness Raising for Awareness &ย Literacy

  • Motivation to realize changes in Self &ย Community


Building Green Cooperative Community Enterprises

Expand Exploration development to engage in Transforming Oppressive working conditions that limit self and community development.

Work together to form Federated Unions within your community.

Grow organizations to Associate your Labor with Volunteer participation towards ending human and natural exploitation.

๐Ÿ—๏ธ Adaptive Program Process

Starting with your Self, learn Life skills that enable Self-Directed and Organizational Learning.

Follow up with the entire Program Process to learn industry-leading, Sustainable-friendly methods with work examples.

See through the illusion

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