Mutual Aid Technology

Sustainability Research for Explorations affords us technology that innovates and adapts to meet Self and Community goals. Utilizing knowledge across domains and pairing it with No-Code technology provides us opportunities to collaborate with mutual intelligibility. The tech released here serves as a Product and Service repository to assist with those using current Mutual Aid Technology.

โšก No-Code Tools for Sustainability


Learning Management Systems

Using conventional Educational technology for school or work utilizes Learning Management Systems that are expensive, cumbersome, and often lacks in User Experience.
Sustainability Research casts a wide and deep net over the topics that effect nature and society, most research applications can not accommodate this with ease.

Iย built my own LMS for Students, Teachers, and Admins for personal and professional use based on the Tesseract Curriculum.


Cooperative Program Management

Technology has accelerated digital and cognitive development which can be used favorably towards Worker Self-Management of Cooperative Enterprises.

No-Code Apps are well designed and are offered at a low cost with high adaptability in modern intelligence-driven industries.

Iย designed my own Enterprise Organizational System based on previous employment experience, industry training, and data analysis that can be learned and adapted across technologies.


No-Code Solutions

No-Code offers a simple and accessible way of producing technology and solutions for personal and community needs.

Airtable, Notion, ClickUp, and Webflow are some of the apps Iย use that offers this flexibility and are easy to share templates between users.

Check out the technology projects I built and maintain for this website and other projects below!

See through the illusion

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