Ravi Bajnath

Dharma & Design

South Florida based Designer.
Creator of Critical Sustainability Education System.
Conscientização. Capacitaçâo. Liberação


Critical Sustainability

Critical Sustainability is a systemic approach to addressing and resolving political, economic, cultural, and ecological challenges arising from global inequality, negative-sum employment, planetary urbanization, and climate change. Designing an education system, informed by research into Consciousness, emerged a framework that educates, trains, and enacts these principles for the modern digitally connected world. Modeled after the Platonic Solids; five curriculums covering the Natural SciencesSpirituality, Anthropology, Mindfulness, and Yoga guide learners towards an ideal for living Sustainably.


SolarPunk Sangha

The Solarpunk Sangha is a Design Academy aimed towards the development and implementation of Critical Sustainability. Enabling members to explore lessons and projects published through a designed Learning Management System, allows for positive transformation in individuals and communities. The development of the education app can be followed in the work archive below.

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