8️⃣ Operations

Cooperative Management

The practices and relationships involved for self-determination and emancipation of labor.

☝️ CivicNotes

My first UX/UI project I made in 2016/2017, CivicNotes, an app for Local Governance and Public Meetings. Essentially, I wanted to demonstrate that you can participate in local politics through an App to make effective change in your community. The app consists of two key features; Video Citizen Comments and Community Petitions.

CivicNotes solves the problem of the lack of community engagement with State-backed Local governments by allowing users to leave citizen comments for agenda items discussed and voted on in public meetings. Normally you’re required to be physically present on a fixed date/time/place (City Hall), line up to register your place in line with the City Clerk, and have a few moments to express your concerns over an item as it’s voted on. Community Petitions require the same coordination to Citiy Hall in addition to the logistical issues of distributing your petition within the community for people to view/endorse. CivicNotes makes everyone a voting member of the local legislation that impacts their daily life, where I coined the phrase, “Social Legislation for Local Governance”.

This Invision prototype is dated, but contains the key user flows mentioned above (around 60+ screens to explore on Desktop, ideally). A CivicNotes-like app will be fleshed out in its own Exploration to rebuild the UI, reflect the Circles of Sustainability method, and other major gaps in my UX/UI knowledge for the benefit of Sangha management.

🗃️ Process Bookmarks

Utilizing Raindrop.io, I’m publishing an archive of bookmarked websites that will aid in developing this Exploration.