6️⃣ Product

Products of Labor

Things that are made to help overcome hinderances and ignorance towards Liberation.

0️⃣ Self-Ecology

📖 Exploration Journal

An Educational Journal for Lifelong Learning

Learning through Self-Reflection in a preconfigured Journal that can be synced with current Lessons and Projects.

Use this for witnessing the world and reflect on topics found in the Sangha’s curriculum.

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6️⃣ Journal Apps

📜 Media Library

Keep track of Media and Technology Utilized in the Curriculum

A preconfigured library for archiving media found in Lessons and Projects.

Use this library template for books, movies, apps, and other forms of media.

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🤌 Curriculum Planner

Learning and Teaching through a shared Ecology of Knowledge

A Learning Management System template based on the current Sangha curriculum model.

Use this for creating educational courses, their modular learning experiences, and projects.

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⚡ SaaS Product Experience Planner

Build Sustainable Products through a Designed Product Planning System

A workflow template for Product Management of Digital Products.

Use this for planning and designing educational apps or other Sustainable-friendly products.

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📰 Social Media Automator

Plan Copy and Assets to Propagate on Social Media

A homebase for creating, documenting, and automating social media posts to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other compatible platforms.

Use this to plan, write, and publish social media campaigns.

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🗃️ Process Bookmarks

Utilizing Raindrop.io, I’m publishing an archive of bookmarked websites that will aid in developing this Exploration.